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If you buy the DX6i set, it comes with one AR6200 DSM2 6-channel receiver. This is a new receiver that is actually two receivers in one for absolute control when signals are blocked by a component. It is overkill for locomotive control since the AR6000 works fine. However, if you decide to use this receiver since it came with the transmitter, there is one important thing you should know.


If you plug the battery in wrong, it will fry the receiver. I called Spectrum and they were surprised when I told them, but confirmed to me that the row of pins closest to the writing is signal, the center row is positive and the row farthest from the writing (the bottom) is negative where the black wires go. I confirmed polarity by attaching power to my AR6200, binding it and it worked.

By the way, my previous thread for binding an AR6000 applies to the AR6200 also and is less confusing than the illustration and instructions in the manual.

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