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More almost free Stuff - records, track, etc.

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Still trying to clear out my garage/workshop before a move.

I have some used Llagas aluminum rail, code 215, mostly weathered (painted brown.) There are about 20 lengths at 6' each, or 120'. I also have some tie strips that fit the this rail, but only 24'. It's the Llagas "1/24th" black style, which is good if you run 1/29 and 1/20!
$25+shipping for the lot.

I found a stash of 4 vinyl records - I think someone gave them to me after I digitized them for him! Shipping $ only.

I have 2 Bachmann speed controllers with the wall wart transformer, and wires, clip, etc. $5+shipping each.

A box of Bachmann indoor track - the timplate stuff. Makes a big oval - 12 curves = 4' diam circle, 20 straights = 2x10' sides. Great Xmas option. $10 the lot +shipping.


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Pete, do you still have the track, and an extimate of the shipping to 92011? I use this stuff on display shelves..

Greg 919
Hi. Which track - the llagas code 215 aluminum, or the Bachmann tinplate?
If the latter, I assume you only need the 20 x 1' straights?
What didn't sell has gone to the dump . .
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