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Hi Josef,

That page is where you start - the topp of the p[age shopuldm have Emmett and the following

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This is the manage page. The following files are in your folder. You are currently using

Current directory: Home

At the bottom of it there should be a set of options (the first is 'delete selected file'), then create a new directory - that is a folder to put photos into, and that will slowly build up as photos are uploaded to there.

Then below there are 3 boxes that will hold files to upload, in the normal windows fashion (bouble click on file name)

They will then show where you have asked it to put them; open the file you wish to enter in a topic, copy the ID, and input that into the topic with square bracket, img, end square bracket,(title of photo you have copied), square bracket, end, end square bracket. Check it with 'preview', and make sure please they the width of the photo is not more than 640 pixels.

Photos can be compressed to save time in loading, and in your webspace.

Hope the above helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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