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MLS Big Train Show "plan"

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The purpose of this thread is to get folks to the Events Forum and see the BTS plans because many only read this forum.

Go here to see the planned social events for MLS folks at the 2008 BTS. These social events are a highlight of MLS membership...lots of friendship is shared.


While at the BTS, try to remember to do a few things "extra"...
a. Stop in at the MLS booth and say hi. Shad and Mellony will be there.
b. Sign the guest book at the MLS booth...each day you are at the BTS.
c. Say thanks to the MLS sponsors that will have booths at the BTS. They like to know that their money is causing folks to know about them. You can go to the Forums page here to see the sponsors we have.
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When youi do decide to come west,plan an extra couple days and go to Tehachapi with us.
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