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Did not take to many pics, we were to busy having fun. Of course my son happened to get in the way a lot
We had a lot of fun seeing everyone again, and he had soooo much fun with the dynamite car!!

/1stclass/tomh/Sept 2008 001.jpg

/1stclass/tomh/Sept 2008 002.jpg

/1stclass/tomh/Sept 2008 003.jpg

/1stclass/tomh/Sept 2008 004.jpg

/1stclass/tomh/Sept 2008 005.jpg

We also went to Greg Vocks house about a half hour away, Cody had fun over there. Bought him his first engine, he was so excited he sat with it in his lap the whole way to Gregs house. He also won a box car thanks to Aristocraft for the door prize, he said" Dad, this is the best day ever"
What a great time, he said he never won anything, he could not wait to get home to show mom his new boxcar.

tom h

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Hi Tom,

You and your son seem to have had a great time in Springfield. It was good for him to win the boxcar and I know he will never forget winning it. I am sure he will always have an interest in LS railroads: even if, as his life changes, he doesn't always have time for his own RR.

During WW2 I won six eggs in a raffle. Remember that food was very short in Britain and eggs were rationed - one or two per week per person - so my prize was valuable. I carried it home like gold. My Nanny (guardian) and I were very fortunate that week.
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