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Maybe you've thought about getting Marklin's Central Station (CS) 3 or 3+ Command Station with their mfx and dcc technology, but don't want to spend $700 to $850 for these models. There is a low cost alternative. All LGB locomotives produced by Marklin since 2014 now have the MSD3 mfx/dcc sound decoders installed, mfx being their proprietary control system that's similar to dcc. A low cost alternative is the Marklin Mobile Station II mfx/dcc Command Station shown below which was made to be a wired mobile handheld controller for use with Marklin's CS3/3+ Systems. But it can also be used as a standalone mfx/dcc controller with a maximum 2 Amps 18 volts DC power supply and output.......this limits it to operating at the same time probably two, one motor LGB locomotives, and maybe just one, two motor locomotive. The price for the required three units, Marklin 60657 Mobile Station II, Marklin 60114 Connector Box, and Marklin 66367 2 Amps 18 Volts DC Switching Power Supply is only about $218. You can also use the Mobile Station for a mfx or dcc programming track, and to remap F Key Functions on your LGB locomotives with the MSD3 mfx/dcc sound decoders installed. Marklin is also producing a cable-less WiFi Mobile Station II later this year. Thought I'd share this information with hobbyists not aware of the Mobile Station II.

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