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The only universal G gauge coupler is the twist tie

Pretty much, you need to pick one coupler and convert everything to it. The Aristo coupler is well liked. Since you're familiar with HO, you know what KayDee's are like. The Aristo couplers don't couple as easily as the KayDee, but hold very securely.

KayDees come in 2 sizes, G and #1. The G size looks like a coupler in 1:20, and the #1 size looks more like 1:32 or 1:29. Many prefer the bigger ones as they hold better on uneven track you often find in the garden.

The Aristo couplers will couple to the KayDee #1 by hand, but not automatically.

Since I have almost all Aristo equipment, I change everything to Aristo couplers, but I'm thinking of changing to body mounted KD.

I usually put Aristo metal wheels in my cars, but I have a couple sets of Bachmann 31mm metal wheels (I think that's the size). The Bachmann wheels are less expensive, and seem to be just fine in my Aristo cars.
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