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I went through the same two questions a few years ago.

For couplers we went with Kadee "G" scale truck mounted.

We chose "G" scale because they look like standard gauge couplers in 1:22.5 scale. We chose truck mounted couplers as a precaution just in case we ever run equipment on a friends or club layout that may have tight curves. Good plan since we ran some cars on a club layout that had relatively tight curves during the La Plata county fair in Durango, CO. It's nice to have no derailments what so ever when running for the public

The standard truck mounted Kadee "G" scale coupler is the #831. Here are some links that may be helpful if you choose to go with Kadee couplers:

Kadee G scale couplers
Kadee #1 scale couplers
Kadee Coupler Large Scale Conversions

For metal wheels we chose Bachmann.

The wheels were partly a cost thing. Bachmann metal wheels are generally the cheapest. But they perform well, and actually look nice since they are somewhat plated.

Bachmann offers two types of metal wheels. Large and Small. The large are pretty much the standard for all models and makes. The small work for mining equipment and some other cars with very low trucks. But for the equipment you described (LGB Aristo, USA) the large is the one you'd want to get.

Here are two links for two types of Bachmann metal wheel sets. The price listed is MSRP, and they can typically go as low as $10 or so per set.

Bachmann Large Wheels

Bachmann Small Wheels
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