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I am a rather new enthusiast of garden railroading, G-scale and was hoping to get some insight from the My Large Scale community. Currently I have a small G-scale train layout set-up in the basement of my home. In the future, hopefully near future, I plan to expand my hobby to the outdoors. I have been raised by my Dad in the HO and O (Lionel) scale of model railroading. I have grown fond of the idea of an operational railroad traversing in the yard/garden of my residence after seeing the numerous pics posted on the internet. I have ideas about integrating a G-scale layout in a phased process in the flowerbeds behind my home. I have started to accumulate some locomotives and stock from various manufactures to run on my simple layout in our basement and around the X-mas tree around the holidays. I want to share my model railroading interest with my children and figured that the basement layout is a good start for them.

At this point I am looking for some assistance, recommendations, experiences regarding couplers and metal wheels for my G-Scale stock. I operate various manufactures rolling stock; Aristo-craft, USA Trains and LGB. I want to upgrade/change from the “hook and loop” style couplers to a knuckle style couplers. I am looking for recommendations from those in the hobby that could provide some insight regarding this. I’ve heard from a few that both Kadee couplers and Aristo-craft AAR couplers were a good choice. I want to change my stock so that they are integrateable with one another, using the same coupler. Any suggestions, experiences or ideas of other coupler manufactures would certainly be appreciated.

As with the metal wheels, I want to upgrade my rolling stock from the plastic wheels to metal wheels. I looked a metal wheels with ball-bearings but due to financial constraints and non-operational necessities I will probably stick with metal wheels without the bearings at this time. I realize that there are a handful of metal wheel manufacturers that offer good product but I was interested in polling the community to obtain insight regarding the different products offered in the G-scale. The names that I keep hearing about in reference to metal wheels is Gary Raymond, San-Val (Roll-ez), USA Trains, and Aristo-craft wheels. Again, any ideas of other metal wheel manufactures would certainly be appreciated. I am open to all suggestions or ideas in reference to metal wheels and couplers.

Thanks much,

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