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If you have a mix of brands, the short answer is Kadee.... they have a way to fit everything, and body and truck mounts. They are super simple on USAT rolling stock.

The Aristo coupler is ok, but lacks remote uncoupling and has had some quality control issues, and even "good" ones have some limitation, though mostly in very long trains. They are also difficult to adapt to body mounts on USAT.

They take accurate mounting to operate properly, but when done right are capable of 100 car trains and remote uncoupling with a magnet, no mechanical hoopla.

Metal wheels, price wise, Bachmann, quality wise, USAT. Don't get wrapped up in ball bearings unless you really have to pull the longest possible trains on impossible grades with only one loco. Save you money and lube the axles.

For longer, more detailed answers and comparisons, visit my web site, search for coupler, kadee, wheel, etc. or just browse.

Regard, Greg
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