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metal bridge construction method?

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For a while now I've wanted a good bridge, a steel bridge that would be the focal point of our layout. I can't afford any of the terrific products from EagleWings ironworks, because it'd have to be custom made. So lately I've been thinking "make it yourself." Home Depot has small welding rigs for pretty cheap. Welding's an art but this bridge would not have to bear a lot of weight.

But my one and only experience with welding was high school shop class. I suspect I'd just be burning holes in the metal. I'd be wasting a lot of material probably and maybe even cost myself more than buying a bridge

What about brazing it together? It seems like most of the time when I read threads about bridge construction the bridges are welded. Brazing seem like it'd be less potentially destructive and strong enough to hold a locomotive.

Any recommendations for a complete novice?
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