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I just received an MDC Big Hustler kit. Not bad for $40.00. I remember seeing these at train meets ten years ago for $45.00 and up.

My question is about the motor block. I opened it to learn how it operates and just to learn how it is assembled. I noticed that the worm gears and axel gears are bone dry. Not a drop of any sort of lubricant. None, nadda, zip, zilch, like empty man. Should these gears be lubricated?
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As with any loco with gears add some lube if dry. Last longer. Later RJD
They last about the same length of time dry or wet.

See if you have square worm gears or oblong drivers.

The only thing I kept from one was 2/3 of one block.
Used the "best" gears and drivers to get it to do what I wanted it to.
I do have an old LGB motor block that I had a thought of using instead of the MDC block. That might make life alot simpler.
At least the lgb parts, hard as they can be to find right now, are far more available than mdc parts.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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