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I have had the honor of finishing and detailing two new additions to the layout this year. The main structures were done my Ross and Sue from Rainbow Ridge Kits with my information.
One was the historic Pomona Lodge and the other was the Pomona Food Locker. One of the last true butcher shops in So Cal. that can do anything.

Here is a link to the newspaper article that came out today.


Please come out this year during the fair and see the layout. I have been busy with my team creating new scenes and adding details to the layout. I have made lights for the Horse Arena area, the Baseball field, the Drive Inn and just about every building on the layout. Hundreds of parking bumpers were cast as was mail box's, fire hydrants, people and many beer cans both full and crushed! My goal was the more you look, the more you will see.
We also have Randy's donuts on board this year so I re-built the interior of the shop complete with hand rolled cinnamon rolls and custom built donut display racks.

We also spent many months this year basically re-wiring the old girl. She had many 1000's of feet of unused wires in our conduit lines from the decades of changes. It really runs sweet now and show's it with the lighting.

The NG mountain line had its major cut rebuild this year with beautiful stone work. Its a treat to see the trian's come out of the canyon now.

John Wagner
Scenes Director Fairplex Garden Railroad
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