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mason bogie progress

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Hi everyone

progress is going good i recived the drwaings
from winn for the cylinders and found some
metiral down in the shop and now starting to
clean off all the tools to start making a
set of cylinder's tomarow im going to send
the person in gremany a email to get the
currency change and price for the frame
and it will be a couple more months till
BBT releases the casted metal truck for
the mason im soon ordering a cow catcher
and cab kit from broson tate models an
since school is almost over i will be able
to do alot in the summer testing is almost
over,i changed my mind of the allgheny i
bought a 7.5 ride on steamer 2-6-2 from
matrix im looking at have the mason at
diamondhed an one or 2 crickets im machin-
the wheels right now and trying to come up
with a good gear ratio,the cricket i have
down to a simple disgn by using the mamond
osolating cylinder and simple baldwin style
domes and striaght stack the boiler of copper
im looking at a 1 1.2 or 1in size boiler with
a butane burner and the cab will be digned to lift
off no lubaicator a needle piont valve as the throttle

well its late i know my spelling is not the greatest
but it is slowly improving over time i will post pics
soon still on dial and dont use the computer at school
much to upload more pics.


Casey Wilmunder
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Hi everyone

winn do i need to send any money for the plans or shiping
on monday i will order the frame soon i will call mo loco
for a set of wheels and the bell and star stanchions,once
i have the frame i will decided on building the boiler my self
or use a accucraft boiler of a custom.

right now first stage

1 order frame

2 assemble frame

3 start of cylinders

4 start pipeing the loco

5 boiler.

and etc


Casey Wilmunder
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the matrix steamer is made by the same company that makes the burrel steam tractor for accucraft.
its a 2-6-2 simalar to the 2-6-0 but just a little longer and im buying a fully machined kit
that is not painted and has a injector and the diamonad stack an cow catcher option.i should be
getting it order in the next couple of months just right now negitionating on the options an
price.the mason bogie i have stoped work on because of a trip im going on to D.C i should have
the cylinders done in a couple of weeks.the crickets are going good have a set of wheels done
and now working on the frame and then boiler.


Casey Wilmunder
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Hi tac

when i talked to the peraon about the
price he said about 13,500 in the sterling
or UK money and that included VAT (value add
tax) i had most of the amercian options i
did not know it had a steel cab but are u
talking about the 2-6-2T because it had a
steel cab with a side tanks.


Casey Wilmunder
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hi tac

im getting the same disgn as the 2-6-0
just it will have the added back lead truck
but they are building it from the 2-6-2
tank loco.something like that it has the
wood cab same as the 2-6-0.plus i have
the 8 wheel tender to go with it.


Casey Wilmunder
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1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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