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mason bogie progress

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Hi everyone

progress is going good i recived the drwaings
from winn for the cylinders and found some
metiral down in the shop and now starting to
clean off all the tools to start making a
set of cylinder's tomarow im going to send
the person in gremany a email to get the
currency change and price for the frame
and it will be a couple more months till
BBT releases the casted metal truck for
the mason im soon ordering a cow catcher
and cab kit from broson tate models an
since school is almost over i will be able
to do alot in the summer testing is almost
over,i changed my mind of the allgheny i
bought a 7.5 ride on steamer 2-6-2 from
matrix im looking at have the mason at
diamondhed an one or 2 crickets im machin-
the wheels right now and trying to come up
with a good gear ratio,the cricket i have
down to a simple disgn by using the mamond
osolating cylinder and simple baldwin style
domes and striaght stack the boiler of copper
im looking at a 1 1.2 or 1in size boiler with
a butane burner and the cab will be digned to lift
off no lubaicator a needle piont valve as the throttle

well its late i know my spelling is not the greatest
but it is slowly improving over time i will post pics
soon still on dial and dont use the computer at school
much to upload more pics.


Casey Wilmunder
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Sounds like a great summer project, Casey. Looking forward to seeing the results.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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