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Ok I got this smoking deal on # 6 Aristo switch tacks at TBS. They came with Aristo manual throws.

Whom is using the Aristo manual switch track throws? Are they ok?

Can you use them on LGB 1600'S AND 1800'S SWITCHES?

Anyone useing the commercial brand of throw? Arosto, LGB, USA ?
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I'll second Bob on the Sunset Valley product. I use both the ground throw and the taller switch stand for industrial sidings. Solid brass. I also have some of the Tenmille ground throws which also work well, but I have had a couple in the past where the plastic throw bar has broke. If this happens it can be unscrewed,reversed and reconnected. There is a new one that I saw an advertisement for but can't remember who it was. Similiar to the Tennmille.
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