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Does anyone have a process fro making hard wood trees in G scale? I've seen articles on making evergreens but nothing on deciduous treesas the trunk and branches are quite different. An oak tree pattern would be close enough.
The trees I need to make will not have leaves. I will need about a half a dozen.
There are plenty of live ones around the house to use as a guide but I'm not sure of the actual buiding procees. I'm guessing to start with a dowel with alot of taper then wire and some sort of clay or bondo. Any ideas ro advice?

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I have always found that the real thing makes he best imitation.
Don't know where you are so don't know what to recommend to you.

Here we usually use Sage brush limbs and manzanita brush limbs for the
type of modeling your talking about. The sage works best to represent
Cottonwood and some type Oak trees. The Manzanita works well for Oak and
other type trees. The Sage works well in it's natural state the Manzanita
needs a little touch up with paint as it's natural color is a very dark reddish-brown,
unless dead wood is used, which is a typical gray.

All the above information probably does you no good at all but I posted it to give you
a little nudge toward considering using natural elements in your modeling.
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