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I don't know the magazine article you referenced, but I did find 2 booklets of a similar nature:

Industrial Steam Locomotives, by Geoffrey Hayes (ISBN 0-7478-0375-7); published by Shire Publications (http://www.shirebooks.co.uk)

Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways, by Ian Dean (ISBN 0-85263-752-7); published by Shire Publications

Shire Publications also lists a title Miniature Railways by Michael Crofts, which might deal with the estate railways you mentioned. Both of these booklets were published in 2003, so should still be available.

I also have a book titled 2-Foot Gauge Survivors that has a small section on the 15-inch gauge Isle Of Man railway.

I seem to recall an article or two on estate railways in England, but can't quite seem to find them at the moment.

I know this isn't quite what you were looking for, but hope that it gives you a little extra help.
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