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Thanks for the video Fred.
Magnificent engine the 241A and visually Marklin have done a fantastic job even though I am not convinced that the whistle sound is right, but I am not a fan of sound on electric loco's anyway.
Looks fantastic with those coaches and you can imagine it leaving la Gare Est with the Orient Express. A great addition to your extensive collection and sure to be a sought after collector's model in the future.

Pity Aster didn't do the 241A and did the 241P in live steam as I prefer the look of Est region 241A , but I can't afford the Aster 241P anyway so that's out of the question. I run only live steam with no track power so for me it would an expensive shelf queen but beautiful.
I assume this is a limited edition model from Marklin and are they still available or all sold out ?
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