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Looking for South Florida G Scalers, Great Proposition

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I have a great proposition,

Tradewinds and Atlantic Railroad wants to build a raised outdoor Club G-Scale track next to there existing 7.5 Gauge track.

Requirements are,

1. I need to find 5-10+ Gscalers in the South Florida Area, He does not want this to pull from the members of the club work/play crew. It also justifys the expense and increase's the clubs strength. (the tough part)

2. It will be electric + live steam (switches to turn on and off the track power, will be seperated by blocks), He said that spending more is not a problem, he wants it done right. I have a good source for stainless steel track (either stainless or Nickle Silver will have to do).

I have been told by 2 of the local Hobby shops to find Bill Muenzenmaier from the Defuncted (I believe) Friends and Family G scale modular club of south florida, it is the only G scale club I know of to exist in South Florida (which is weird, ALOT of people live down here!!).
The shops told me that there really isnt a club anymore and everyone is scattered about.

I am asking this board if anyone else wants to help me make this happen that lives in the South Florida Area and would love to be a part of this project can PM me or send me an email to drx630yahoo.com. Change the to @.

Right now I have an idea to make it a dogbone layout and have the center part of the dogbone S curve. Have a 20' minimum radius to the whole thing, so we can even run the USA bigboy if we wanted to.

Andrew Finegan 

P.S. Bruce, I think you in right ... lol  /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/hehe.gif
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I know a bunch of guys in cetral florida (my dad lives in deland) been to the ridge track and to norm saleys house.

Want to build a club like that in south florida with regulars! Have a very nice club track right next to 7.5 Gauge, get the full blown coal smells while we run our small ones (unless you have a gauge 1 coal burner lol). Thats the idea!

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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