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Looking for SD-40-2 ATSF

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Ilooking for a used SD40-2 ATSF http://www.usatrains.com/r22301.html
like this one. e-mail me on the side.
I will place this in classifed

or trade
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Giving up on Uncle Pete?
No Dave....I think his railroad finally got big enough that ATSF wants to compete
I had to think for a minute what Dave was talking about. I have always run U.P. and B.N. even back in baby scale days..thus now that there is BNSF I can run the best of both worlds. I have the decals to make the 40-2 into BNSF.

so THERE..............
Locally, BunSniff, or the Big New Santa Fe, is not usually considered the best of any world.
Or Big Nose & Stinky Feet
Next thing you know he will be looking for CSX and N&W loco's
Later RJD
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I could use a SD45 in the same colors.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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