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Looking for protype LNER Teak info

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I am looking to get some protoype information for building my live steam Mallard rake.  Granted, it is OO, though being live steam, I think it qualifies for MLS.  Especially considering it will be running on an elevated track in the backyard  /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/tongue.gif

The first question I have is...  What is the purpose of a brake car?  How many would have been on an 8-9 car rake behind the Mallard running the teak cars between King's Cross and Grantham back in the day?  Here in the states, I've never encountered this during my research of US prototypes, so I'm baffled.

I have been gathering Hornby teak coaches from across the world, and I'm pleased to say I have 10 teak cars, and an old Pullman "Pheonix" Parlour car.  Some are here, and the last ones are in transit.  Without having them in hand and checking for sure, I think they are as follows:

2 full coaches
2 sleepers
1 oval ended window coach
1 Pullman "Pheonix" Parlour (not teak)
5 coach/brakes, hard to tell for sure from the photos.

Would the cars have diaphrams between them?  What would a prototypical rake look like from beginning to end, and how many brake coaches would be in an average train at most?

Also, any web sites than folks can offer for research would be most appreciated.  Seeing as I've recently settled in for a 16 hour shift (and it is dead out there tonight), I'm sure I'll find some info in the next few hours.

Thank you,

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Dear Sir. All the info you need on what type of coach(British general description for passenger carrying vehicles)you wish to run on what time train from KX or Ebro or antwhere can be found in official railway publications called Carriage Working Diagrams. They give the train formation (consist) from the engine towards the rear of the train.The Flying Scotsman would be diagrammed a Pacific loco usually an A3 or A4 but any other pacific could be pressed into use or even a prairie or ten wheeler, the norm would be A3 or A4.
All the Gresley and Thompson corridor coaches had gangways at the coach ends and buckeye couplings and some A4s had buckeyes on their tenders and in early days A3s fitted with corridor tenders had buckeyes as well.
The Beaver Tails were only used on the Coronation streamlined coaches and painted to match. The Silver painted coaches on the Silver Jubilee didn't have Beaver Tails.
The Flying Scotsman sets I have are both eleven coaches long, one Thompson and one Gresley although the coaches could be mixed if a particular type wasn't available. Pullmans on the East Coast Main Line (ECML)were usually all Pullmans but in other LNER areas sometimes a Pullman would be used as a catering car mixed in with Teaks. This also happened on the Southern Railway with a Pullman in the middle of an electric unit train or as in the case of the Brighton Belle this was an all Pullman Electric Train.
I can gladly supply you with some extracts of carriage Workings if you wish just give me a time period.
Colours you could have Pre 1923 colours mixed with Teak..Teak..Teak Red/Cream..Teak Red Cream Maroon..Red Cream Maroon..Maroon Blue Cream..Blue Cream..then things went funny. Some Teaks made it into Blue Cream usually Catering Cars.
Nearly all BR trains had a guards compartment at the outer ends of the train and upto the 50s we had 1st class and 3rd class with the odd 2nd class in the London Suburban areas then to bring Europe in line with England we abolished 3rd class and it became 2nd class.
Some of the Gresley's had their drawbars modified so they could couple to non automatic couplings as mainly used on the LMS and GWR for through coach working but some areas of the LNER had screw couplings and British Standard gangways as against the Pullman Vestibule. if you want to date your layout (pike) pre 1923 the through coaches would mainly be ones or twos and later about the 30s companies ran their trains on alternate days so a train from Newcastle upon Tyne (LNER)to Plymouth (GWR) on Mon/Wed/Fri could be all Brown/Cream coloured coaches and Tues/Thur/Sat all Teak coaches, this way the costs and receipts could be split down the middle.
I know this 'cos I am a retired steam engine cleaner. Jim Brodie.
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