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Looking For A Gearbox

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Hi To All . . . .

Back looking for more obscure parts. Still no luck with the square nuts. Me thinks me wishes me was rich.

However, I hope what I'm needing in the way of a gearbox won't be "impossible".

When Sunset brought their 1/2" scale C-16 back in the '80, it was built by KMT/KTM of Japan. I just received one of these and the gearbox that came with the model is just what I have been looking for. With a little conversion, I feel I can make this work in my PSC 1/2" scale K-27.

NOW . . . does anyone know where one of these might be "hiding". It has an all metal case which measures 1 1/4" x 1 1/8" x 5/8". The ratio is 1:25. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

I have looked at everthing in the NWSL selection, even purchased the largest one, and I don't feel this would serve my needs. So . . . . does anyone know of a gearbox that I can purchase?

Thanks . . . . Ken
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I have a couple of different sizes. I'll have to measure the ones and let you know.


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