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Looking for a few more books

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I have been searching for a few more books on live steam and model boiler construction. I currently have:

Martin Evans, Model Locomotive Boilers and K. N Harris Model Boilers and Boilermaking.

I'd like to get a couple more of the Martin Harris books, I can't seem to find many in the used market. Does anyone have any books they are looking to sell or know where I might find some?
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I have just ordered 'Steam model locomotive construction' by Martin Evens from Amazon secondhand for £4.99 new this costs £34.

Some very good books I would not be without is The Live Steam Book by L.B.S.C. and Small Locomotives by H.E.White both these books can be bought from Tee Publishing http://www.teepublishing.co.uk/new_books.php or Chronos http://www.chronos.ltd.uk/acatalog/Chronos_Catalogue_Books_from_TEE_Publishing_186.html
I was in a 2nd hand book store in Braintree, Mass. this weekend. I picked up some books on the Pennsy RR and that's when he told me he got a ton of RR books from an individual who was/is a Pennsy RR fan. The indivivdual had other RR books as well. I already had some put aside for me. The website and address are below.
Note: He still had boxes that he had to go through. Some of what he has includes books of timetables


Braintree Book Rack
347 Washington St.
Braintree, MA 02184
Mon 12-5 & Tue-Sat 10-5
go to www:7-8ths.info
RE: How To Books

same topic
I'd recommend Kozo Hiraoka's books which are available through Village Press https://secure.villagepress.com/store/items/list/group/131

Either the Pennsylvania A3 Switcher or Building the New Shay will teach you silver soldering, machining, bending tubing, spring winding, making safety valves, you name it - everything it takes to make a locomotive from scratch. The New Shay has a detailed article on Boiler Design in the Appendix.

Kent: Go to TEE Publishing. They have a lot of that stuff. You may want to check out some work by LBSC too. He was a prolific Gauge 1 designer. LBSC is an entertaining read. He mainly did designs for specific engines.


I fully second Ed's recommendation on Kozo Hiraoka. "Building the Climax" is an outstanding book too. Kozo lays out class on gear cutting. "Building the Hiesler" is good too.
Kozo's first Shay book shows how to set up a home machine shop. Guess you will have to get the complete set
Books I must acquire also lol, building a mini-machine shop in my garage in about 1/2 a year (after my backyard layout cost is recouped, bought the track on friday yay)

I've always had good luck going to ABE Books for used books on most titles. Sometimes they show up on Amazon. Both sites allow a search for title, authors, or keywords.
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