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Posted By Semper Vaporo on 01/02/2009 7:25 PM
Lots of garden railroads have water features with tracks running along side and on bridges over the water.

And derailments do occur.

So... what do people do with their loco ends up in the drink?
Say ...OH C*it.................

Not just splash splash in a piddley puddle,
but fully submerged, water in the cab, under the hood and soaked through and through.
.. 3 foot deep pond.

Did it destroy the electronics? ...Note yet

Wipe out the motors?.... Yes.. lots of work

Rust the gears?.. Not yet.

Did the loco become a mantel queen?..lt Could of been..

Did the shell and minor parts become just bashing fodder?.. Extra cleaning

Did you disassemble it, dry it out, regrease the gears and it is now running?.. Yup

Did you just pour the water out, put it back on the track and it is still running?
.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. but did pour the water out as running to the house.

Welcome to my world.... laf...

This happen to my NW-2 with the sound turned off at the time or I would of heard it running.

I was working on the stop adjustment on my Swing bridge and being I was in the Fish pond waist deep. I fig. I would just put on some alligator clip from to the bridge plug that was on the bank to the tracks and use my TM's for power for the bridge motor.

I forgot behind me ( Town of Butthead Cove ) there was a NW-2 setting there with a gon hooked to it and had tools in it.

I started to get power to turn the bridge to ck the stops Switches and then........ I head a big splash.. I seen the waves and looked down by my feet in the water and I could see something that was not suppose to be there.

Eng. was setting about 3 foot deep and bubbles was coming out of it.. Boy did I move Fast ..

Got it to the house and got mama's hair dryer and spent most of the day drying out the eng.. Had to take the shell off to get to the Electronics. Had to dry them to and ya .... lots of Alcohol and a brush.. The Sierra sound sys. and speaker turned out fine.

Ck'ed the motor block gears and nothing in them.. They were dry. So guess there was enough grease to seal them... The Darn Eng. been running for 4 yrs now and runs/sounds great.

Sure don't want to do that again. Now set besides setting block also, set a bricks on the track leading to the bridge for anymore adjustments..
I use that reminder in my sign and logo now.

.Now that it over....I can laf..

Oh... by the way.. the Gon was floating like a boat, but tools that was was in it was in bottom of pond. Now looks like Bachmann make good boat to.. laf...
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