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Loco Locomotive done

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Well, I finished up my crazy idea of making a short loco out of two E-8 noses I got from Rex. Why, I don't know, but here it is.
No real clue what I'll do with it either, could to my eggliner coaches I made, one is here in this pix. I wonder about myself
sometimes, but I had fun! My wife cut the lettering out of vinyl. UP symbol I did on papilio vinyl ink jet paper.

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Gee, this gets as many comments as an Eggliner post, where is Marty with his gun?
Well Jerry if you think there are to may post to the thread we shall kill it
Later RJD
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One for lady engine drivers.
They don't need to walk so far when they change their minds.

Now it just needs the loudest horn you can get in. LOL

Posted By NTCGRR on 03/25/2009 4:30 PM
Jerry is one of our very "special" club members..

He comes over on the short bus!

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