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Hi Peter,

Three of my Bachmann 1:22.5 gons have polyether foam with crushed barbQ charcoal pva glued to it. Looks OK to me, well anything is better than a plastic load. ;)
It is the sort of coal that might be used for replenishing loco coal dumps.
I have just dome another two loads, as per your version, using polystyrene packing with real coal (very fine pieces - some almost dust)and again affixed with pva glue. It looks very good, my critical son said so. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/laugh.gif

Now to sort out some loads for my 1:29 gonds. I have one or two industrial looking items - motors and small shafts with cogs which were from windshield wiper motors plus the usual wheel loads.

It seems the principal handicap with heavy items is in that it can limit train lengths. Anyway it all part of the enjoyment and interest generated by our hobby and I rather like trial and error on occasions.
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