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Hi JC, Welcome to running live steam, it is exciting, can be frustrating, but ultimately very rewarding.
I'm sure you will find people around your area to assist in your journey into steam but remember it's a worldwide fraternity here that is always willing to assist you with information and tips on everything from running, track, making parts and repairs or just sharing an experience of running with images or video link.
MLS has many experienced live steamers who do help those in the hobby on this forum. No question is too silly or strange as we have all been there so please use this forum.
I suggest you view older posts and threads under the Live Steam section (always a good read when starting out) and where you find someone you like, open their letter tag and then down a bit on their profile page, in blue, open their 'discussions' and you will see all things they have posted over time that might cover some of your future questions.
All of us here are more than willing to help as live steam is the most rewarding part of the large scale hobby in my opinion.
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