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This is a general question for the populace who frequent these boards.  In the past, there have been a few postings about the "Live Diesel" aspect of this hobby on the Live Steam Forums.  This has happened in the past due to the fact that those who started the discussions were coincindently, also live steamers.

Many years ago,when the first commercially available live diesel was introduced, it was discussed in the general forum of this website.  However, those discussion trailed off due to the personal attacks I received saying that this was not the proper forum. I was also accused of trying to use the forum to promote a single product, not try to further the hobby. Now that I am back into the ranks of those who enjoy the hobby for what it is, with no financial gain possibilities, I'd like to know what the general feeling is towards running diesel locomotives in a proto-typical fashion, regardless of fuel or approach.

The Wada Diesels have all been sold and no more are planned for the U.S. Market.  Mr.Jerry Hyde has shown his product and entry into the this aspect of the hobby, and after 13 or so years, others around the world are scratchbuilding their own live diesel models.

I personally doubt that there is enough interest in Live Diesel to warrant the creation of a forum specific to this subject, but I could be wrong.

So this is a poll of the general populace to know where the very few live diesel fans can share their interest and hopefully spark others to play with us.

Thanks in advance,


Scott McDonald - Live Diesel and Steamer
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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