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This is a general question for the populace who frequent these boards.  In the past, there have been a few postings about the "Live Diesel" aspect of this hobby on the Live Steam Forums.  This has happened in the past due to the fact that those who started the discussions were coincindently, also live steamers.

Many years ago,when the first commercially available live diesel was introduced, it was discussed in the general forum of this website.  However, those discussion trailed off due to the personal attacks I received saying that this was not the proper forum. I was also accused of trying to use the forum to promote a single product, not try to further the hobby. Now that I am back into the ranks of those who enjoy the hobby for what it is, with no financial gain possibilities, I'd like to know what the general feeling is towards running diesel locomotives in a proto-typical fashion, regardless of fuel or approach.

The Wada Diesels have all been sold and no more are planned for the U.S. Market.  Mr.Jerry Hyde has shown his product and entry into the this aspect of the hobby, and after 13 or so years, others around the world are scratchbuilding their own live diesel models.

I personally doubt that there is enough interest in Live Diesel to warrant the creation of a forum specific to this subject, but I could be wrong.

So this is a poll of the general populace to know where the very few live diesel fans can share their interest and hopefully spark others to play with us.

Thanks in advance,


Scott McDonald - Live Diesel and Steamer
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I think location here could only be properly answered by Shad himself as ultimately it's up to him.

Having said that, I for one, would be most interested in info and/or debate about "live diesel" wherever it's posted. I doubt that I will ever build or acquire any diesel, let alone a live one, in any forseeable future but anything railroad is of interest to me. I think it's foolish to allow one's mind to fall into a sinkhole of one era, one scale or one way of doing things even though we might not have a particular interest at the time. Information presents options and I'm all for that.

I hope you'll post here on MLS. Another good option would be something like One Twenty Point Me. Maybe Live Diesel Is Me or something similar.
I read nearly every post in ALL the forums and I learn something from some of them regardless of whether the main focus of the posting is directly aimed at my specific modeling interests.

In one sense, I wouldn't mind if all the forums were combined in to just one list... and actually I get that arrangement by using the "Forum Active Topics" list... so it really doesn't matter to me.

Like I stated in the thread on the Live Steam forum where this came up originally, I can understand Live Diesel being discussed in the Live Steam forum because (my perception) the people that do Live Steam are actually more interested in modeling "realistic motive power production" as opposed to "the locomotive looks like a real locomotive (regardless of how it is really powered under the decorative shell)".  Thus Live Diesel has the same "appeal" to the Live Steamer, so the logical place to discuss them is with like minded individuals on the Live Steam forum.  Of course, that logic would invite into the forum those that run overhead catenary wiring or third rail for electric railways and that would include those that run the 3-rail Lionel train under the Christmas tree and now the forum has lost its focus.

I could understand separate forum for Live Diesel. I suspect it would be a small forum similar to many of the other special interest forums.  For me, it would just be another in the list of Active Topics and I'd read most of what got posted there.
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However, those discussion trailed off due to the personal attacks I received saying that this was not the proper forum.
That's something for the site owner and/or the moderators to decide. If/when that happens, I would encourage you to forward those emails to me and let me deal with it. Personal attacks upon other members, even in emails, is something we strongly discourage.

For now, I'd say post them anywhere you think them appropriate... Live Steam, Model Making (if it involves building them) or even in the Public Forum. Whether or not Shad decides a Live Diesel forum is desirable is up to him, but I don't see anything wrong with it. Even if it's only used a few times a year, it's not like it costs anything extra to host it. :)
Post away!!!!   trains are trains on matter, track power, battery, or live steam. Some guy's think that only their trains are the only one's to run.
I would prefer to have a Live Diesel forum, if possible. Although the live steamers are tolerant, I think they have the right to have the forum remain a 'pure' live steam forum. I have posted on the live steam forum, and I've always felt funny about doing it.

There is a growing number of people involved in Live Diesel - and MLS could corner the market by having a forum specifically for this growing segment of the hobby.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

Bob Pope
Count me in as interested, I have a beautiful electric aristocraft  FA- FB and 5 huge streamliner coaches.
I want to make this live diesel someday, I am also am big into live steam too. Small prototypical real machines are awesome! No more "pretend" factor :p

If you have a forum on "Whimsical and Fun Trains" the a Live Diesel Forum should be fine hehe. I think most of us use the "active forums" button and will see your postings anyway.

I agree with Bob.. I have a Wada GP9 SP, and really like it! The first time I fired it up and ran it, I was actually thrilled with its' performance.
I also have an electric brass GP7, maker unknown, and am working on R/Cing it. I use a Futaba 6EX to control the Wada.
Having a "Live Diesel" forum should bring in more members to the MLS world, and yes, I have two live steamers, a Ruby, and an Aristo
Mike, so I am on both sides of the fence.
I agree with most here, I'd be interested in reading about LD no mater where it's posted. To me the logical places would be Live Steam, Public or Rolling Stock.. But as has been pointed out above...

Trains is Trains... We luv 'em wherever...
I would like to see postings about  LIVE DEISEL  I am interested in that part of the hobby.

How ever  I do not think they should be posted in  LIVE STEAM.  

Unless of course you are  burning  Diesel fuel to boil water to run a  steam turbine to generate electrisity to run your  traction motors  then that might  squeese into the live steam forum.:D

Maybe if you started posting in  ROLLING STOCK  there might be enought to  show a  need for a LIVE  STEA    DIESEL FORUM.

I think that   MOTIVE POWER should be seperate from  ROLLING STOCK.    But that is just me.

Also Personal attacks  by any means of  comunication  is  unaceptable.  There is no excuse for  personal atacks  period
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I take the opposite position.  I find the Live Diesel posts fine in the Live Steam forum.  Both use prototypical propulsion systems.   A dedicated forum might be nice, but until then Live Steam is the most appropriate place, IMHO.

To Bob Pope and the others, if it were up to me, post away.
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