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In the old forums, the header of each "Active Topics" section (for example the public forum) was clickable, so that if you were looking for a topic in a particular forum that had dropped off the "Active" radar you could go straight into the forum by clicking on the header.  On the new one, the headers are not clickable, requiring one to go to "Forums" and then the appropriate forum.... after which "Active Topics" has to be reset to see anything.  There was also a "new topic" button in the header, in the event that after reading an "Active Topic" you wanted to start one of your own.

While I know these are minor compared to making images work, and the rest of the MLS world go 'round, is there any chance that the clickable link to the forum could be put back into the header for that forum in "Active Topics" at some point, and the "New Topic" button returned?


Matthew (OV)
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