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I used to buy Ozark link-and-pin couplers by the hundreds for my kits. I like them a lot. Hartford's were quite a bit smaller - maybe prototypical for the cars he used them on, but the Ozark pockets look better to my eye on 1:20.3 stock. Note, however, that the mounting pin is slightly off-center. You have to drill the mounting hole .017" to the right to get the pocket lined up. This may not seem like a lot, but if both couplers are off by this amount, you have a 1/32" total error, which can be a problem during operation.

I had an old Lionel caboose that I (more or less) converted to 1:20 to go with my small locos and rolling stock. All those cars and locos use link and pin couplers, so I've messed with a bunch of them. I had a set of the Ozark draft-gear couplers and so I used them on the caboose. I cut some draft timbers to attach to the underside of the center sills - this was done on the prototypes, too. That let me hang the couplers under the end sills, without cutting holes in the sills.

With new couplers and trucks, repainted and relettered, the 'boose looks quite good running with cars like Hartford's 4-wheel stock. It's still obviously plastic, though, so I get a lot of "hey, who made that?" kinds of questions.

Anyway, the draft-gear trucks are a very cool addition for the right car, so don't count them out.
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