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There are three types of Ozark link and pin couplers, an End Beam mounted, as your describing, an Under Beam mounted, which has a screw hole in a tongue to use a screw into the end beam, and a finescale spring-draft coupler assembly that mounts into the cars frame just like the prototype. The last is fairly complex to add as the car frame needs to be buiilt around this coupler mounting.

I use both of the other two, I like the under beam mount as its the most versital.

Under frame, it just screws into the bottom of your end beam of the car.

I also use this, the End Beam mout which you have to drill a hole in the end beam for the stud you describe, and glue with CA or epoxy

Be carefull, as the stud is white metal and can be broken off easily if twisted in the mounting hole, so get the stud hole properly sized first.

I also suggest using a lenth of thread or chain to attach the pin to the car, otherwise they dissappear very easily.

Also be aware that Ozark sell 3 or 4 multi-pocket link and pins couplers for locomotives, there mountings are pretty self explainitory

I also did a topic a while back about making cheap "Do It Yourself" link and pin couplers in the Model Making forum.


Also its a good idea once you set a hieght for the couplers, stay with that height, dont have 3 different coupler heights or you'll have issues.

My standard coupler hieght is an under beam Ozark mounted to an HLW minicar shorty gondola, I drilled a new mount hole to keep the coupler closer, and you can see the thread pin-keeper

Good Luck.
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