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If it is like the one's i bought out here in West Ne. they are stainless steel with the white type of light in them. The little round housing for the light and the electronicx comes off with a 1/4 turn and 3 screws and you are into the battery and solar compartment. Will make great little lighting modules for inside outside buildings and such. They were marked $4.00 out here I bought two liked so much went back and bought 14 more.When I went back I found out they were only $2.00 apiece. I wanted 8-10 more and went back a couple of days later, and everybody must of liked em too as they were all gone there was a choice of stainless, black, and coppertone. They also saw what people were snapping up as they had raised the price to $2.88 between my first and second trip, and the third they were raised, and ALL GONE!!! They had told me they were getting in i believe a bunch more, so have to wait and see, but they are NICE. The Regal
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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