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This isnt specifically train-related, but I know there is a lot of battery experience on MLS, so I thought it would be a good place to ask..

I have a Sony digital camera, model DSC-S70, circa year 2000.

yes, its getting old now, but it still works great!

Problem with the battery though..

The battery is a Sony NP-FM50.

7.2V Li-Ion.

The "running time" before it needs recharging has been growing less and less..

yesterday I put it on the recharger, it fully charged overnight, (the camera says "full")
went to take a picture..the "low battery" light was on..before taking even ONE photo after the battery was "fully charged"!

so clearly the battery is dying..
it has been recharged hundreds of time over the last 8 years, so im not surprised..

I went to Best-Buy looking for a new battery..they have nothing even close..its so obsolete.
so I looked on ebay..there are tons of knock-offs of this battery, but I did find a few genuine Sony batteries..for about $20.

My question..
because this camera is SO old, if I buy a "new" battery on ebay, even a genuine Sony battery,

is it possible the new battery could be dead just because it has been sitting around for so long?

I read that Li-Ions are shipped with a "minimum charge" and then must be fully charged before use..

and they will lose charge naturally over time..

well..if I buy a 5 to 8 year old minimally charged new battery, im afraid it might be dead..

I havent been able to find how long this particular battery was in production..but I doubt it still is..
I dont really want to replace this camera yet, since its perfectly good.. /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/sad.gif

Anyone have any idea how long a "new" Li-Ion battery might last just sitting around waiting to be bought?



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Posted By Road Foreman on 10/25/2008 1:29 PM

Go here-
Hope this helps..


that would probably work fine..

im always hesitant about "off brand" batteries..because there is a ton of cheap junk out there, and its virtually impossible
to tell a "good" from a "bad" off-brand battery...but for $17, its probably worth the risk! ;)


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I have a Sony CD300 that uses the FM50 battery, I am still on the original battery, but have a spare, both Sony make. I have had the camera with the battery that came with it and I bought a spare (Sony) about 2 years ago. I make sure the battery is discharged before I put it on the charger.
Have you checked your charger?? and is it a Sony charger or a spin off?. I use only a Sony charger and their batteries and have had no problems
with them holding a charge. You might consider checking the male pins in your camera for any corrosion. I use an old "typewriter" eraser to clean
the contacts
Good luck,

Noel Thomas

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With lithium batteries, running them all the way down just shortens their lives. Buying NOS (new old stock) batteries is a tossup, if it has been a long time since manufacture, then they are probably bad, no rechargeable stores well, although lithium ones are the best at it.

Regards, Greg
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