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What Greg meant to say was that if storing Lithium for long periods of nion use, it is best to simply put them on a maintenance charge every three months or os. This does not mean you need to full charge them. One of the big advantages of LI is thlack of need to full cycle them. So, simply avoiding a complete discharge in storage is enough. Charge them for an hour or so every few weeks or months and you will be fine for a long time. When ready to run, put them on your charger and let it shut off to peak them up, that is all. The other point abpout LI is that most modern smart chargers now are peaking them at about 95% of capacity. The last few percent are not critical and avoid the excessive heating that comres with forcing the last bit pf power in. i had one charger that if 6 hours achieved 95%, for example then the last 5% was another 6 hours. It simply went into a very low level trickle charge after the cell was essentially full. Lithium will degrade in storage less than either nicad or nimh , as long as they are moderatley maintained with at least some charge in the pack.
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