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LGB station building signage

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We have a couple of Pola station buildings that my wife wants me to put more signage on. The kits came with 'boards' that we used to put the stick-on signs on. I'm trying to make more 'boards' for more signs so I bought some .040" thick acrylic but am having a hard time cutting it without fracturing it.
Property Building Window Wood Door

The 'boards' that came with the kits have the reverse of the siding on them so they fit nice and straight with lots of surface area to glue to.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
What do you use to cut this material?
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A cutting mat, a steel ruler and dont expect to cut through with your exacto or harbor freight knife in one stroke.
Small scores each pass and after a few cuts you will find the sweet spot of how much pressure and how many passes.
A good flat board, a long sharp knife with a flat blade and a hammer to hit the back of the knife. I've cut .080 styrene and acrylic using this method without cracking the plastic. Makes a straight cut.
When I kitbashed my Pola tower into a 1/32 scale one I did most of the cutting with a metal saw the plastic is fairly thick which is good for outdoor life, you can clean up after with a file. Thank god the styrene glues well with styrene cement.
Window Building Wood Toy Rectangle

Admittedly I missed on the size of the plexi for the Bellingham's sign, but the others turned out better.
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