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I'm in need of some LGB expert advice.

I purchased an old second hand LGB 4073 gondola many years ago, and I recently took a good close look at it for a new project. What I found is the previous owner ravaged the underframe and then tried using small diameter wheels to lower the car. However, it was not a very good lowering job. The bolsters are hacked at, and the car wobbles horribly. If I turn the trucks it feels like they are going to fall right off. Unscrewing the trucks to see if I could repair the underframe revealed that the screw posts are gone. The trucks were literally hanging by a thread. There is no way this car would last long in service.

Trying to repair what has been cut away will not be easy, and may not even be possible since the screw posts are essentially gone. So the easiest option would be to replace the underframe. See the photo below:

As luck would have it, I have an old LGB 4067 boxcar that I'm using as an abandoned car. I think the underframes of the gondola and the 4067 boxcar are very similar. So it might be possible to use the 4067 underframe. However I could not confirm the underframes are identical or not based off of the the plans on this site: website link.

You would think I could easily check it out to see if the two underframes are compatible. Unfortunately the 4067 boxcar and the layout are in Colorado, while I'm in California (until I can get some vacation time from work this summer) along with the 4073 gondola and tools we use for painting. I'd like to repaint the entire gondola while I'm in California, but that's not going to be easy without an underframe.

I also don't even know if the 4067 underframe will fit or is even the right style. Moreover, if I ever want to reuse my old 4067, I'll be short one serviceable underframe.

2 Questions

1: Is the underframe I need a fairly universal piece, meaning the 4067 underframe would work?

2: Does anyone know where I might purchase a spare LGB underframe? An email to Silvergate Manufacturing has already been sent awaiting a reply, but I'm not too sure they can help with LGB rolling stock parts.
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