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LGB Euro rolling stock

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I remember talking about modeling a little bit of Euro trains in the 1940s for my WWII Diorama.
I've now concintrated on trying to find a couple Euro boxcars and a gondola, perhaps maybe a flatcar or two, that would fit the era.
But I need to find them at an affordable price. I have plenty of euro tie style track to fit the area I will model. I thought of having a
track come into the small town area and curve off toward the edge of the table, but a switch with a siding or two along a depot type
building would work for me. Since part of this town I will model will be bombed out, it would be kinda cool to have a track ripped up as
if a bomb had hit it. Anyway, other than Evil bay, where could I find a few 40s era euro cars cheap or cheaper than retail ???
They can be used, not a problem as I will weather them up a bit. But I'd like to pay like $100 or so for 2-4 cars used rather than
$70-$80 each new. Any ideas ??? Anyone have some they want to sell or trade for ???

Thanks, Rocky
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ask Vsmith for the address of the dealer of chinese cars.
in another forum i read, that they are really cheap. they got closed freight with barrel roof and gondolas
Hi Rocky,

Out of interest which Country would this diorama be set in? If you model Britains WW2 railways, particularly the building up of troops and equipment leading up to the D-Day Normandy invasion, you could have a diorama with railroads, men and equipment off war plus ships.

If you opt for France then a different scenario would apply - a lot of SNCF infrastructure was destroyed so that might limit your options. Plus it should be remembered that some of the major ports were not captured for a while after D-Day.

If I find something, British, that might help I will let you know.
Hi Rocky,

I knew of this layout, I saw it last year at my Heritage Railway week end where it was exhibited. It is superb modeling in "N" scale.

I don't know how well you can "zoom in" on your pc, but you will see there is a lot of info there.

For the record the station is one of the terminii of the steam railway on which I volunteer. Kingswear, my side of the River Dart faces the ancient Port of Dartmouth. Both places have long histories but Dartmouth moreso.

I hope this link helps you.

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