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KRS - I am not certain but I think that a pdf cannot be put in as a picture what it looks like you were trying to do. It could I think be put in as a link, but that is dependent on its source, and the forum controls may also not allow it. The scans(?) that you made, and are now NOT a PDF but a .JPG, are OK as you know as they are visible from the active links - congratulations for using those!

As active links it should be possible to add both pages (which are now .jpg files) in one message, as has been done by many, and yes we, or possibly I, occasionally get it wrong!

Thanks for keeping American LGB fans informed!

Now speaking as a moderator, and as a response to a complaint ----

So the complaint, in your post which really should I think have gone direct by a e-mail to either Shad, (who was having surgery for a long standing complaint, and thus may be off sick still, and thus be unable to answer it), as forum owner/controller or, and possibly better to Steve C, who is a moderator and is always a great help with (apparent) forum troubles found by members.

That would be much better than a open or 'wide broadcast' complaint in the forum, which I think is undeserved, and may also be wrong, though I am no expert on that.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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