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Thought I'd share information about my latest DCC sound decoder installation into these small LGB Chloe locomotives........this is about my 11th Soundtraxx DCC sound decoder installation I've done in LGB Chloe and Olomana locomotives. I've always used a Soundtraxx 27mm Mega Bass Speaker which sounds good which I've installed into the cab's left inside wall. However, the basic principle for installing speakers in locomotives is to use the largest good quality speaker possible for the best sound fidelity. So I was determined for this installion to use a 40mm 3 Watt 8 Ohm speaker I've used in larger Stainz conversions.

This effort should not be tried unless you are able to do detailed and tedious Dremel work. To reconfigure the fuel bunker's top cover, I cut out the water intake tube and repositioned it for the fitment of the protuding speaker using epoxy putty and then painting it to match the wood load color. I also had to Dremel out the inside of the top cover for the protruding decoder, a Soundtraxx Tsunmai2 TSU2200 2 Amp sound decoder, and the CurrentKeeper capacitor. Soundtraxx decoders can optionally be programmed for automatic sounds which I did: Two whistle blasts and 10 bell rings starting forward movement, and three toots and 10 bell rings starting reverse movement. I also installed an LGB 18v. smoker into the Chloe smoke stack wired to track power......required drilling a channel down into the smoke stack base and out the back for the smoker's wires. See photos below. A video demo of this LGB Chloe operating on my DCC roller wheels test stand can be found on my Website at: LGB LOCOMOTIVE DEMO VIDEOS | My Site

I'll be pleased to answer any questions about the installation.
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