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I have been collecting for many years and wanted to know if Piko was same scale as LGB and USA trains. What do people think of Piko quality compared to other two brands?
I really like their products and they actually make new stuff on a consistent basis. I have 2 of their DCC+Sound American Camelback engines both run and sound great no issues, but mostly buy their DB Euro stuff.

The first non building piko item was the TEE train set with 4 extra cars and DCC+Sound. I've had that set for about 4 years and have had zero issues with it.

I've recently purchased their new DB BR50 2-10-0 loco with DCC+Sound, DB BR103 DCC+Sound engine and 5 DB epoc IV coaches.

I also have their DCC central station with Wireless Navigator remote for my indoor test track (makes programming my euro DCC stuff much simpler than my main NCE system).

Their packaging and presentation are second to none. The box and manuals are in high gloss + full color diagrams and pictures. Their manuals are very informative leaving little guess work on how to install and hook up their equipment.

The engines I have had for awhile have held up well both mechanically and cosmetically.

The graphics and paint are excellent and very crisp and compare or exceed anything that I have from LGB.

They also have an a le carte approach to their products helping to keep costs down by not requiring your to buy things you don't want.

Take the new coaches I just got. The coach itself was $248 no metal wheels or lighting , they are available separately for about $50 each truck (ball bearing), and $65 for the lights which if included would bring the cost per car to about $415, I have my own metal wheelset and don't need lights so it only cost me the $248 compared that to my last LGB Glacier Express coach in 2020 which cost me $489.

All in all I'm very impressed with their product, as for their engine longevity so far so good.
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