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LGB American 2 4 0, details re chassis please?

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I am thinking of using the chassis of the new American 2 4 0 locomotive , as the attached photo, with a scratchbuilt top from the photos in the Baldwin Loco Works catalogs that 'Steve C' found, (they are also mentioned by Vance Bass in the present issue of GR).

Can anyone let me know the size of the wheels (both the pony truck and the driving wheels) please?

Finally I believe these locos have a new direct interface for a DCC chip, will they still work on plain old fashioned direct power please?

Thanks in advance
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Pony: Non-flanged side - 24mm
Flanged side - 30mm
Drivers: Non-flanged side - 45mm
Flanged side - 52mm

Chassie is 80mm center to center

If you would like any other measurements, let me know.
I have 2 of these and they do work on my analog track power. I use the 27mhz Aristo TE in linear mode.

What is unique about this engine is the 5 pin connector to the tender.

reason for this is the switch in the engine controls the engine and tender light, plus the sound in the sound models which is located in the tender.
Hi Snoq Pass,

Thanks for the information - most helpful - I will work on it now.
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