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The LGB 2071D Zillertal Austrian steamers were produced by LGB during the 1971 - 1974 timeframe. Thought I'd share a recent ESU 5XL DCC Sound Decoder installation I completed on a customer's LGB 2071D Steamer with the old clam shell motor block and brass strips for powering smoker and lights. I had to remove two of the three lead weights and cut one down so it would fit on top of the other one to make room for the decoder.......the two side pieces of lead removed I glued into the front inside the boiler. I had to Dremel groves inside the firebox to position the 40mm 3 watt speaker and then used epoxy putty to fill the 1/4th inch gap and seal it into position. I also removed the brass power strips running through the cab to the rear lights and cab lights and rewired them. The DCC track power supplied to the old-style 18v. screw light bulbs and 18v. smoker certainly make them operate super well. Lots of work but the resulting excellent sounding and operating locomotive was worth the effort. If you'd like to see and hear the steamer operating on my DCC test stand demonstrating most of the sounds available on the ESU LokSound 5XL DCC sound decoder, visit my Website, the demo videos are at the bottom of the page: LGB Trains | Old Dominion Railways | Repairs & DCC Installs | United States

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