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lgb 2-4-0

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well my starter set SRR arrived-(dont ask me what came over me -but i just decided i should have one)

what an ugly 1dwarf of an engine-but somehow i like it (and hate it!)
i will say its performance and puling power are top notch and ther eis nothing second rate about running characteristics -and it smokes really well


i DO like the odd ball shorty us coaches that came in the set

the engine proportions just dont work for me (anyone know of anything that remotely resembles this chubby high short little toad? this engine is just too big for lgb US coaches or anything -to my eye

and the sound is ...unpredictable-4 chuffs per revoultion at a crawl- i per rev an little faster=and sometimes sound at a standstill...those crazy germans......

anyway my question is :

anyone fitted a hook and loop to the front? and please let me know how

it has a dummy coupler inserted into the pilot with a shank that is smaller/narrower than the standard lgb hook and loop or knuckle

and any links to any brilliant make overs would be appreciated too
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When the Mikado molds were first released they had a Moil cut off the first inch then grew them into the 2-4-0 mold.
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