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MLS members and advertisers Del Tapparo and Stan Cedarleaf both provide custom graphics for lettering, logos, etc. They can either work from your ideas and artwork or provide the artwork and the finished graphics.

Del specializes in vinyl graphic transfers while Stan supplies water slide decals. Both provide excellent graphics in very high quality. Since they are both LS modelers, they understand the requirements and can really help get the results you want. Their pricing is very reasonable.

There was a Garden Railways article in June 2007 "Vinyl lettering for your rolling stock" by Del Tapparo that shows the use of the Vinyl transfers.

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Posted By lownote on 01/21/2008 7:52 AM
I've gotten lettering from both Del and Stan and both were terrific to deal with--fast and most important, very familiar with large scale and what the customer needs

Ditto!  Both Gents do Great work....and are very easy to deal with.  I used Stans waterslides on "my" loco, and Dels vinyl on a Loco I did up for my 2 year old....both types of decals work great, and are a snap to install!


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Thanks for the boost in the right direction guys. i was interested in turning a few models into what i need. easier to modify used stuff then purchase new just for the look.

im gonna email the Stan right now as i am interested in the water slide decals.
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