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Thanks for posting the question.  This is a constructive approach to the issue of postings.  

I enjoy the variations of topics [of interest?] in the Public forum. My favorites are posts that demonstrate some skill, construction, or type of modification.   In another word, I like posts that help us to share and learn from each other.   For the most part, I have tried to follow this thought with many [not all, by far]  of my postings in Buildings, Review, Beginning, Rolling, Track, Tools, RC/bat, Sound, and Trackpower.  I have not posted much in Garden, but read topics with anticipation that I will learn something. 

The Websites like GregE's, GeorgeS's, and others [sorry I can't name them all here], have been invaluable to my growth in GRing.  However, it is nice to have the topics or information posted in the forums, with the ability to go back to the websites at a later date for reference.  Pictures posted always enhance understanding [One picture is worth 1000 words] and interest.

You may [I wonder] have missed the point that Wendell is perhaps trying to make.  If Forum members see that others have particular interests and questions,  then they might be encouraged to post on those topics.  Several times, I have declined to post on a topic just because I thought that no one else would be interested.  Many times, to my surprise, that  topic, or a similiar topic ,was later posted with great response and interest.  Any encouragement we can give each other about sharing ideas that improve the hobby is always a good idea.

$.02, IMHO.

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