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Posted By Wendell Hanks on 03/11/2008 11:27 PM

To all:
A recent posting, "Less activity on MLS - Is it me?," ironically has filled at least three pages of responses.
However, from those responding, the concensus appears to be that fewer people are writing.

QUESTION:  What topics would you like to see posted?

It is my belief  that your question misses the point, which was a complaint of a noticable  lack of responses to most postings of late.  You may possibly get answers across the board  of what topics interest our members (assuming they really want to post at all)  regarding this LS hobby, but  I fail to see how that knowledge would be particularly useful. After all, there are certainly plenty of very specific categories on this forum already. And if people are really interested in specific areas, as of course they are because they are here, one would think they would either create their own post or respond to someone else's on the specific subject. 
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