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please, could some kind friends please help me figure out what is the exact color of PRR K4 3768?
thank you very much in advance!
#3768 was painted initially with what is reported to be a "bronze"-like color, and later on before the New York World's Fair in 1939-40 it was repainted in PRRs' standard Dark Green Locomotive Enamel. We know what DGLE looks like (check out the Bowande G5s in person for the best representation we have in Gauge 1 of the correct behavior of DGLE in direct sunlight), the "Bronze" is another story as it is not a standard PRR color and perhaps a one-off test for a special locomotive. I saw online the color described as Tuscan Red with a hint of yellow and gold flake.

So you have two options for a historically accurate #3768, but the "Bronze" will require you to take artistic liberties (as various model companies have done with their #3768 releases) to come up with something you may find acceptable. For some inspiration take a look at some photos of bronze-metallic painted automobiles from the Art Deco era as that may have been what helped to inspire #3768's first paint job.

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