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On the old MLS forum, I had a running thread about my layout (The Crane River Railroad) where I posted updates, photos, design renderings, etc. of what I was doing and how the layout was coming along as I built it from nothing. I'd like to do the same thing here on the new forum so people can see my progress and comment on my updates (as my layout is still under construction), and to have a record for my own use.

My question is this, do we now put these things on the forum as a Builders Log or can we still post them in the Beginners forum or elsewhere? I've looked at a number of the builders logs, and noticed that they have very few comments on them. This makes me want to put my layout thread on the main page where more people read them and leave comments. I've noticed that another member is posting his material in the main forum and he's getting lots of comments from the membership.

What are the MLS members thoughts on this situation?

Shad, what do you and the website administrators prefer?



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You might consider doing it like Kevin Strong (i.e. East Broad Top) and others do.

Create and use a Builder's Log as the place to record the in depth coverage of the progress on your layout, which will keep the storyline all together in one place, maintaining continuity of the subject without all the outside comments getting in the way, yet still allow interaction with others.

Then as you make updates to your Builder's Log at the same time create and post a new topic with a short condensed description, maybe a couple of pictures, and a direct link pointing back to your Builder's Log.

That way you're free to post the summary of your progress in the most appropriate forum, that coincides with what you're working on at the time. It also provides for getting all the interactive chit-chat on a given topic without creating a topic that extends to so many pages that it becomes intimidating. Additionally, later on (maybe six-months, a year) when somebody runs across your topic and has an interest in what else there is to learn about your layout, there's that direct link to your Builder's Log and they don't have to go searching through all the forums to locate other topics to find out.

Another nice feature of using the Builder's Log is the fact that you can be working on an update, even multiple updates, but until you set the Published check box only you can see the update. That allows you to take your time, get it just the way you want it, then publish it at the same time that you post the condensed notice in the regular forums. For example; say your working on a few different areas of the layout at the same time (e.g. areas A, B, & C) and you figure they'll get finished in that order, but for whatever reason C gets finished first, then A, and finally B. You can develop the separate updates for A, B, & C at your leisure, then publish them in whatever order you want.

Within the log itself the only limit to how it displays is your creativity and how much effort you want to invest in learning how to use the tools made available. For example, take a look at the Howard Maculsay Builder's Logs and Live Steam Mason Boogie logs. Where when you click on the main log heading and it expands to list multiple sub-headings, which is accomplished using the Parent/Child feature.

Another idea, maybe put a direct link to your Builder's Log in your forum signature area.

In the end, just as with your layout and modeling, it really all boils down to, just what you want to do with the features made available here on MLS. So do what you find to be fun and makes you happy. :D
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